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Discussion in ‘ The Refreshment Lounge ‘ started by melinda , Jan 7, Log in or Sign up. Dating site and dating in general Discussion in ‘ The Refreshment Lounge ‘ started by melinda , Jan 7, Is there a dating site for those who are involved in the Masonic of Organizations? I can’t believe that I am the only one who would like to meet someone with similar interests. I know I would like to be able to share the same passion for keeping the Masonic heritage and organization as a whole going forward for future generations with the one I love. Just my thoughts as I am freezing in Wisconsin! Bloke , Jan 8, Warrior and Ripcord22A like this.

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A few months ago, my father joined the Freemasons. As a kid, I had read everything I could about the organization, after a girlfriend told me in secret that her father was a Freemason. She made me swear not to tell anyone, and gave me the feeling that I would die if anyone found out that I knew. If in the past, Freemasonry conjured up notions of a mysterious organization, and was spoken of in cautious whispers with furtive sideways glances, its members appear to be undergoing a genuine revolution.

Last month, representatives of the Freemasons held an open meeting in Jerusalem. The trend, then, seems to be that the organization, which always maintained discretion of a type usually reserved for an espionage organization, is loosening up.

Freemasonry is often misunderstood as a cult or a religion, but it’s of the Knights Templars, a Catholic military order dating to medieval times. of the Order of the Eastern Star and is largely dedicated to service and charity.

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The working clock is at the centre of the decorative panel that you can see in the photo, above the columns flanking the entrance. The dates and surround the clock face. This arrangement replaced a window.

A Masonic calendar is based upon the date of an event or a beginning. in a part of his palace which stood near the former site of the Temple of Solomon.

Email Us. The Masonic Outreach Program has expanded to encompass many services to support our Brethren, their families, widows and others in our communities. The Masonic Outreach Program, administered by the Masonic Villages, provides direction, education and information on a myriad of helpful community services, personal care and skilled care homes, and government and state programs to support our Brethren, their families, widows and others in our communities.

It also operates a free Loan Closet in Elizabethtown which offers durable medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, etc. The majority of services are available to everyone in the community; however, the Outreach Program has designated the following services for Pennsylvania Freemasons and their families:.

Pennsylvania Masons and eligible family members who are in need of developing or improving budget skills can work with members of the finance panel. All panel members, who have volunteered to share their time and talents, have a professional background in the financial field. Distressed Brethren, their spouses and widows, who are unable to retain legal counsel, can contact the Outreach Program for a list of attorneys who volunteer their time and may be available to give direction.

Attorneys on the panel may also be able to assist individuals needing legal advice who have the ability to retain counsel.

Freemasons: Behind the veil of secrecy

In presenting to the fraternity a work on the Principles of Masonic Law, it is due to those for whom it is intended, that something should be said of the design with which it has been written, and of the plan on which it has been composed. It is not pretended to present to the craft an encyclopedia of jurisprudence, in which every question that can possibly arise, in the transactions of a Lodge, is decided with an especial reference to its particular circumstances.

Were the accomplishment of such an herculean task possible, except after years of intense and unremitting labor, the unwieldy size of the book produced, and the heterogeneous nature of its contents, so far from inviting, would rather tend to distract attention, and the object of communicating a knowledge of the Principles of Masonic Law, would be lost in the tedious collation of precedents, arranged without scientific system, and enunciated without explanation.

When I first contemplated the composition of a work on this subject, a distinguished friend and Brother, whose opinion I much respect, and with whose advice I am always anxious to comply, unless for the most satisfactory reasons, suggested the expediency of collecting the decisions of all Grand Masters, Grand Lodges, and other masonic authorities upon every subject of Masonic Law, and of presenting them, without commentary, to the fraternity.

Another inconvenience which would have attended the adoption of such a method is, that the decisions of different Grand Lodges and Grand Masters are sometimes entirely contradictory on the same points of Masonic Law.

Variously known as Freemasonry, Masonry or The Craft, the beginnings of our fraternal organization in the world, the exact date of its founding is uncertain. and the Grand Lodge of Texas has contributed valuable service to our churches,​.

The actual beginning of Freemasonry is itself the cause of much confusion, even among its members, for there is disagreement concerning the fraternity’s earliest origins. There are those who find evidences of Freemasonry dating back to the Roman Empire. Others mark its beginning in ancient Egypt. You can find almost as many theories as there are Masonic researchers. This account will not concern itself with conflicting viewpoints, dealing only with that with which all are in general agreement.

The name Freemason appeared as early as in connection with the master builders who traveled about Europe erecting the wonderful churches and cathedrals, many of which still stand and which attest to the truly amazing building arts of the craftsmen in that early age.

The secret ceremonies and rituals of female Freemasons

Freemasons , who are said to be tested Soviet agents, with the organization of pro-Soviet nuclei among Several important meetings of Russian Freemasons were held in Paris in December. The attitude

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Contact Masonic Assistance by submitting a request for information , by calling , or via email at masonicassistance mhcuc. During this conversation, we will:. Please gather the following information in advance of your intake call so that we can complete your application and assist you more quickly:. Our application process is nearly the same for the Masonic Homes and Masonic Outreach Services and includes the following:.

A Masonic Assistance case manager will review your completed documents and will assist you with any questions, if needed. Getting Started with Masonic Assistance. How to Reach Masonic Assistance. Please provide your name, contact information, and the best time to reach you.

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We’re one of ethics.

Freemasonry Revealed

Freemasonry is a rewarding experience and membership is open to all men aged 18 years or over. Be a Law abiding person 2. Have a belief in a Supreme Being 3. Have made his decision to join Freemasonry by his own free will and not for any personal gain or reasons of idle curiosity. Be a male over 18 years. Disabled Access Available.

The questions of when, how, why and where Freemasonry originated are still the those present and listed would have certainly been initiated at an earlier date. their war service, and were looking for a calm centre in a greatly changed and​.

Freemasonry is a fraternity. Its membership is restricted to men, but there is no hazing as is found in some college fraternities. The Masonic Order is a serious group. It exists to take good men and help them to become better men. Thus, it is not a reform society. It does not exist to reform criminals, nor would such persons benefit from its teachings.

Variously known as Freemasonry, Masonry or The Craft, the beginnings of our fraternity are lost to history. Although Masonry is believed to be the oldest surviving fraternal organization in the world, the exact date of its founding is uncertain. Freemasonry can, however, be easily traced to sixteenth century Scotland although the first Masonic governing body was not founded until in London.

The oldest Masonic document, the Regius poem, dates to around A. We know of no Masonry prior to that date. Somewhere between and lodges of operative masons began to accept as members men who did not work in the building trade. Eventually whole lodges composed of such persons arose, leading to a transition from lodges being composed of stone masons to lodges being composed of men from other occupations who gathered and shared a ritual replete with allusions to carpentry, architecture, and stone masonry.

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So let us begin. Help me understand why Freemasonry is not a religion? It offers no sacraments.

receive the Freemason decals before ordering your license plates. Who is eligible? An agent may charge a plate fee and/or service fee. Personalized Vehicle you wish to register with Freemason plates. X. (Applicant Signature). (​Date).

We are committed to building an infrastructure of independent thinking and transparency to help promote the growth and curiosity of all our scientists. We are striving to make training and professional development a top priority. Maria I. This knowledge will facilitate the development of gene-specific therapies and cures for arrhythmias and identify individuals at risk for sudden cardiac deaths. The imaging suite is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for small animal in vivo imaging using fluorescence, x-ray computed tomography and ultrasound.

The Histopathology Core at MMRI provides a range of histological services, including tissue fixation and processing, paraffin and cryosectioning, common and advanced histological stains, as well as immunohistochemistry and fluorescence staining. Click below to access scholarly publications that report original empirical and theoretical work done at the Masonic Medical Research Institute.

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Dating site and dating in general

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, then please get in touch. Interested in Joining. Interested in Joining? Find out more here. Back Freemasons helping their communities Testimonials.

The first Masonic lodges came to India and flourished in the wake of the East and ten Company Civil Service employees (United Grand Lodge of England, HC up-to-date commercial information available regarding the East Indian market.

There is a reason why your grandfather, father or uncle was a member and why there are tens of thousands of members in Australia today. Freemasonry holds many rich traditions dating back centuries, together with a moral code. It is still relevant today, as being a good bloke never goes out of fashion. Please send all membership enquiries by going to our Becoming a Freemason page.

Inside a Lodge Room. What do Freemasons Do? Young Freemasons Network. South Australian Freemasonry. Grand Installation. Freemasons South Australia and the Northern Territory. Freemasons are ordinary Australians who care for our community and believe that a shared set of values helps make better people.

Freemasonry: The Dark Truth!

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